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Why, hello there! I am a sarcastic little spitfire that hails from the (great?) state of Pennsylvania. I earned my acting degree from Marymount Manhattan College and have actually been putting it to use! Crazy, I know! I have a passion for film and thankfully the camera actually likes me since that is my primary source of work. I have also been slowly perfecting my improv skills at UCB, keeping my voice in top shape by belting in the shower and dipping my toes into the voiceover world. What can I say, my childhood dream is to be a Disney princess. Maybe one day!

I'm currently living, working and, most importantly, auditioning in the Big Apple. During my off-times I enjoy being a voracious entertainment junkie, sampling the wonderful cuisines in this great city and hanging out with my rescue pup, Theo. 

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Pizza Industrial Complex         Lead           Jonathan Mittiga, Dir.

The Block                           Lead           Brianna Gioe, Dir.

Along the Way                     Supporting    Gina Camp, Dir.

Doctor Patient Confidentiality    Lead           Grace Surnow, Dir.

28 Minute Epic                     Principal       Gorilla Ocho Films

Keys                                 Lead           John Sowulski

Get Well Beth                       Supporting    Catherine Fraser, Dir.

Can I Breathe Now                Supporting    Murphy Brothers Productions

Nostalgia                            Supporting    Jae Yeob Chung, Dir.

Absolute Threshold               Supporting    Erica Rose Films

Morpho                              Lead           Samir Oliveros, Dir.


Design Remix            Lead       Unnecessary Noise Productions

The Clinic (Pilot)         U-5          Red Inc. Productions

Sibling Rivalry (Pilot)    Co-star    Jaryn Productions

Bad Intent (S2, E1)       Lead       Met By Moonlight Studios

Student Shorts

Full House            Lead    Meredith Kelley, Dir. (NYU)

Bug                   Lead    Savannah Gatton, Dir. (NYU)

Broadcast News    Lead    Reginald Campbell, Dir. (Brooklyn College MFA)

Broadcast News    Lead    Jonothon McLeod, Dir. (Brooklyn College MFA)

Broadcast News    Lead    Daniel Viveros, Dir. (Brooklyn College MFA)

Broadcast News    Lead    Adriana Serrano, Dir. (Brooklyn College MFA)


Desperate Nightmares (S2)              Supporting    Willard Fresco

Non-Hollywood: Audiobook (Chp. 57)    Lead           Neal A. Yeager

Flipped                                      Lead           Allie Fuller, Dir. (NYU)

Crystal Clear                               Lead           Elizabeth Groth, Dir. (NYU)


Over                                        Lead         Grex Group Theatre

Jesus Christ Superstar                 Ensemble    Genesius Theatre


Catch 22                                  Narrator/Various    NYEH Entertainment


Marymount Manhattan College - BA Theatre Performance

Upright Citizens Brigade - Improv 101 & 202

Primary Stages - ESPA

American Academy of Dramatic Arts

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